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Certified Extended DISC Facilitators

Extended DISC® is an assessment tool designed to help individuals, teams and organizations to become more successful by providing easy to use information on how to modify behavior.

Our clients use Extended DISC® with their employees to equip them with skills to modify their behavior to become more successful by:

  • Understanding how people are different
  • Developing confident self-awareness
  • Learning to identify the styles of others
  • Modifying behavior based on the other person’s style

What Makes Extended DISC Different?

Extended DISC® and other DISC tools do not always measure the same thing. Our tool measures a person’s natural style or what is your most natural way of doing things. 

Some tools only measure a person’s adjusted style. The adjusted style focuses on what an individual feels he or she needs to be in their current environment. By focusing on your natural DISC style; not just the style you think you need to be, allows more successful adjustments. One client said “DISC measures who shows up on the first day of work and Extended DISC® who you are after working together for 5 years.”

Assessment questionnaires will be provided in each participant's native language to ensure accurate reporting. All reports will be generated in English.


    Extended DISC® is validated – and periodically re-validated – around the world to ensure reliability and accuracy. In comparison, there are other assessment tools that generate their reports when the respondent answers inconsistently or even by blindly selecting random answers.  As you can imagine, the validity of the results is questionable at best.  Extended DISC® does not generate an assessment when the validity of the results is low.


    We understand and work with multicultural, trans-national teams. Members of the Infinite Ping team are the only trained and certified Extended DISC® facilitators in the MENA region.


    Top 20 Company: Extended DISC® is a Top 20 Assessment & Evaluation Company by Training Industry.

    GDPR Compliant:Extended DISC®in compliance with the GDPR, including individuals right to access data, right to rectify inaccurate data, right to erase data (‘right to be forgotten’), right to restriction of processing, and right to data portability.

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