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Business Owner - Group Coaching

For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

An All-in-One and Affordable Blend
of Coaching and Master-Mind Advisory Group

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8 Sessions

One per month, Dynamic & Proven

Geared to increase your income and impact with targeted business topics

10 Seats

Peer-Group Synergy

Accountability from like-minded executives, business owners and senior leaders

Unique to You

Personalized Coaching Focus

Access hyper-focused individual coaching with your coach/facilitator


Participate From Anywhere

Virtual platform creates the opportunity for you to join Group Coaching online

Additional Benefits To Business Owner Group Coaching


The best antidote to feeling alone "at the top" or "on your own" is connecting with other like-minded people who share your passion for development and growth. You’ll naturally start to cultivate friendships with the people you meet with on a regular basis.


Having one witness to a commitment or goal is helpful. Having 10 witnesses is downright powerful. Members foster positive reinforcement and a nurturing team environment. Experience the pride that comes with accomplishment and praise from valued peers.

Different perspectives

Everyone in your group has had different life experiences, which means they have a different world view. Listening to varying perspectives can open up your mind to new possibilities that you would’ve never thought about on your own.


Everyone in your group has access to resources and relationships that can benefit one another. Members enjoy doing business with people they know, like and trust. A natural by-product of group coaching is the opportunities for you to open doors for other members.

Is Business Owner Group Coaching right for you?

  • Are you leading a business with revenue under $1M?
  • Do you feel alone as the owner of your business? Like the weight is all on your shoulders?
  • Are you looking for support to make the vision for your business take flight?
  • Do you want access to the multi award-winning coaching services of Infinite Ping, but at a fraction of the cost of personalized coaching?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then Infinite Ping Business Owners Group Coaching is designed with you in mind.

Pricing & Start times

Stay on target for your goals and learn from like-minded people.

Your Investment:

$350 billed for 8 months


$2,450 billed at one time and get 1 Session Free!

Groups launch at the start of each quarter:

January, April, July, and October

Seating is limited. Apply today!

Program Structure

→ One group session each month for 8 months

→ individual coaching available

→ Commitment to group confidentiality

→ Private group chat for on-going communication and encouragement

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