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About Infinite Ping

Coaching and Consulting Successful Small, Mid-Market and Corporate Business Leaders Around the Globe.

Our Why
Our Why

We believe that better business makes for great communities.

Infinite Ping provides online and in-person business and executive coaching and consulting for leadership development and organizational culture transformation to clients around the world.

There are many great coaching options, but you won't hear us talk about our competition. If you align with our reason why we seek to build better businesses, then we are destined for greatness together!

We have solutions that will take you to the next level personally, professionally and profitably.


 Vision Statement

To empower business owners, leaders and employees to reach beyond their own perceived limitations to a seemingly "impossible future" of transforming culture, seizing opportunities, overcoming obstacles, and optimizing operations.


Listen | Design | Build

Infinite Ping provides online and in-person business coaching and consulting for leadership development and organizational culture transformation in US, Canada and Egypt. We partner with you to listen, design and build a customized plan to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals.

At Infinite Ping, we believe in the Power of Three - a cyclical, three-pronged approach to your organization's health. In fact, you'll see intentional, intertwined patterns of three, like a rope, in much of what we do. We look at people, processes and patterns. Our framework for the work we conduct will incorporate inter-personal, intra-personal and cognitive development theories, qualitative and quantitative assessments, coaching, consulting, workshops, and training to empower you to reach the next level of success personally, professionally and profitably.

​Infinite Ping ​Values

» Integrity

We Hold Ourselves Accountable to this Antidote of Self-interest

We are committed to the standards of trust and honesty in all our dealings and fully accountable for all our commitments and results. The root of integrity is about doing the right thing even when it’s not acknowledged by others, or convenient. It's not easy to describe, but something you immediately recognize in a person's behavior.

» Patience

We Will Help You Turn Inertia into Momentum

While patience is an essential leadership attribute, it also demands skills more often associated with management. We’ll help you stop seeing failures or excuses and start seeing resolution, steps and a plan to get to the next level personally, professionally and profitably.

» Transformational Leadership

We Reject the Notion that Leadership is One Person at the Top of the Pyramid

We desire to live and lead through a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. We are focused on the growth and wellbeing of you, your business and your community.

» Excellence

We Don't Settle

We strive for excellence with each other and with you, our clients, by thorough research, clear communication, detailed preparation and strategic execution. This is our goal and we are nowhere near perfect! But we promise that we are better than we were 6 months ago and we will even better 6 months from now.

​Meet Our World-renowned Team

Since our inception in 2015, our clients have been and continue to be the center point of our attention, and our efforts. 

Jennifer Skaggs,

Co-Founder, Culture Consultant, Author

Byron Skaggs

Co-Founder, Executive and Business Coach,

PBCA "Coach of the Year"

George FernÁndez,

Executive and Business Coach

Adam Pray


Business Coach, Country Director - Egypt

Business coaches with Infinite Ping and Diversified Professional Coaching

A Diverse Team To Help You Level-Up!

In early 2021, Diversified Professional Coaching tapped Byron Skaggs, Co-Founder of Infinite Ping, as their Vice President. 

This exciting and strategic partnership provides Infinite Ping clients with over 50 certified professional coaches. Each coach is a proven individual with vast executive leadership, as well as deep business and consultative experiences. Learn more about our coaches.

Regardless of your personal or professional needs, we have a coach for you! Why not explore your options?

Schedule your online exploratory meeting with Byron now. Use the online calendar tool below.

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We all have ideas and initiatives we want to implement in our business but they just never seem to get doneEven the most successful business leaders occasionally “get stuck” in certain areas of their business. 

You are not alone.

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