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All businesses start the same – someone has a product, an idea or a particular set of skills that can be exchanged for value. Some businesses start with a hot product and a ready market and get off to a very quick start. Others require more nurturing and are hard work to grow. 

Businesses also come in many different types (service provider, retail, manufacturing, etc…) offering an almost infinite number of products and services. However, whether you are selling mobile phones to the world or selling your harvest to a local grain distributor, most business owners experience the same concerns and challenges as they pass through the varying phases of development.

Stages of Business Maturity

Consider these 4 stages of a business. 

Can you identify the maturity of your business? 

How do you keep growing and reach the next level?

Stage 1

Starting up

Developing brand



Stage 2

    Growth phase

    Adding employees

    Doing more

    Pressed for time

    Stage 3

      Plateau / Success

      Developing executive team

      Focus on building profit


      Stage 4


        Maximum sale value

        Succession planning

        Asking "what's next?"

        Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Coach-In-Residence and Consulting.
        ​What Can We Do To Help You?

        Using research-based, data-driven evaluation and assessment tools, we help you identify the core issues and empower you to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles and optimize operations.

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