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Successful Business Principles

SBP Goal

Upon completion of the entire Successful Business Principles (SBP) Course, a participant will be familiar with the all of the management methods required to lead a business that is competitive in the global marketplace. It is normal for certificates to be awarded for completion of each segment of the SBP Course and a diploma to be awarded to those who complete the full SBP Course.

Course Content

What can I expect to learn?

The SBP Course presents practical instruction in the four essential business management disciplines: marketingfinancehuman resources, and strategy. The principles taught are those which have proven successful in the highly competitive global marketplace. Businesses which aspire to be successful should adopt the principles and the values explained in this Course.

Is this for me?

SBP has been designed for participants who are presently owners or managers of enterprises with 10 or more employees. The SBP Course includes four Seminars, one for each of the disciplines mentioned above, and each Seminar is presented over a five-day period. There is a 2-3 month time between each Seminar, and the entire Course is completed in about one year. The Seminars are composed of five modules or units, each teaching a different aspect of the Seminar subject. A module is intended to be presented in four hours or one-half of a day. This allows time for instructors to visit with the participants in their workplaces during the second half of the day.

During the time between Seminars participants meet with a facilitator in small groups to discuss application within their specific businesses of the SBP disciplines taught in the most recent Seminar.

Furthermore, by limiting the number of participants in an SBP Course to 12-20 and using dialog methods of instruction, participants and instructors gain greater understanding of the material taught and of each other. This increases a participant’s learning and mentoring from the instructors.

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Teaching and modeling successful business principles to business owners & executives in emerging markets.


  • learn how to increase your tangible competitive advantage through innovation and strategic positioning.
  • how to communicate that competitive advantage to your target markets; and how to translate that into a greater customer base and growth.
  • how to procure and manage the financial resources required to fuel growth.
  • how you can develop an organization and infrastructure to take your business to the next level.


  • how to translate the unique value you offer into value-based pricing for greater profitability.
  • learn techniques and tools for effective financial management, including monitoring key ratios and financial indicators: these provide an early warning system for potential profitability problems.
  • learn how to assemble or refine your team and to improve motivation and satisfaction.


  • great leadership starts with a clear and compelling purpose and the ability to focus resources on the attainment of that purpose.
  • how to define or refine your purpose in terms of your internal competencies and the needs of the marketplace.
  • how to focus your financial resources and your people on the attainment of that purpose - from your products, services and target markets to value propositions and the impact of your business.

The Participants

The Successful Business Principles Course is intended for Managing Directors or CEOs of: 

    • small-to-medium sized,  
    • for-profit companies,  
    • more than 10 employees  

Who Want: 

    • Practical business principles and tools they can apply to their companies;  
    • Assistance in the application of those principles; and  
    • Their companies to move to a new level of performance and growth - with the ability to compete in the global marketplace.
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The SBP Course

  • four seminars that cover all the essential management tools to compete in the global marketplace (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Planning)  
  • seminars are taught during five successive mornings. The afternoons are free to attend to your business. One of those afternoons, the instructors provide individual consulting at your place of business.  
  • principles taught in the seminars can be tailored to your business during the consulting sessions and during the coaching sessions following each seminar.
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What do I receive with each seminar?

  • 5 consecutive days of interactive learning from experienced American business practitioners
  • one-on-one consulting with the American practitioners to begin to apply the learning to your business today.
  • 3-5 coaching sessions following the seminar, with a business coach from Infinite Ping, to share experiences, challenges and solutions in implementing the learning to your business.
  • in total you will receive almost 40 hours of instruction, mentoring & training per seminar, over 150 hours for the full course.

Seminar Daily Schedule

08:30 am: Pre-seminar Networking

09:00am: Seminar Presentation

11:00am: Networking Break

11:15am: Seminar Presentation

1:30pm: Conclusion

    • Each afternoon an instructor will meet & consult with a participant. Sign-up for this consulting meeting will occur on the first day of the seminar.
    • In addition, following the seminar week each participant will participate in 3-5 coaching sessions to follow-up on the learning to ensure the practices are being effectively implemented into your business.
    • All this is included in one price (the week of learning (seminar), consulting from US business practitioners & follow-up coaching).
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Note The Difference

  • Why take online courses alone? With SBP you can work face-to-face in a cohort of like-minded business owners.
  • Receive proven, practical business principles and techniques and assistance to you apply them to your business.
  •  It is affordable. Similar consulting/training from international consulting firms charge more than $500USD per day.
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Still have questions?

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